From Shadow to Shadow

Review Marvin Chassman [USA]

From Shadow to Shadow (aka 'The Palers Strike Back') is the long-awaited sequel to the first Palers' Project collection, Lost in the Looking Glass. I've had a chance to listen to each disc of this two-disc set about three or four times and so far I like it a lot of it.

Some of it I recognize as being among the highlights of last summer's Palers' Convention in LA: there's Beatle and Donna's bluesy version of Too Much Between Us, Dennis and Rodger's bluegrass version of So Far Behind and Steely Al and Gary doing Juicy John Pink. I see that Allen may also be held responsible for the high energy treatment of Pursuit of Happiness. (Maybe this will cause Procol finally to play this track the next time Gary Brooker publicly thanks Allen at a concert.)

As with its predecessor, some of the songs on this set stay close to the original arrangement, whereas other performers change the arrangements to one degree or another. Some good examples of the former are Wreck of the Hesperus and Repent Walpurgis and the Disc A version of Whisky Train. Examples of the latter include the other Whisky Train, Cold Harbour Lane, Conquistador and Toujours L'Amour. There's a really nice instrumental version of The Emperor's New Clothes. And there are also some highly unusual and/or hilarious versions such as Typewriter Torment and what sounds like Brian Eno's take on TV Ceasar.

There's lots of good stuff on this set. As I said, I've listened to the CDs only three or four times and each time I listen I notice something else I like. I can't imagine any fan of the group not liking this CD set.

Marvin Chassman, Wappingers Falls, USA; 24 May 2004

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