Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackTV Ceasar [Brooker / Reid] 

Kaleidoscope Symphony  [USA]

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[Left to right]
Christopher Forbes keyboards, voices, percussion

Ken Forbes guitar

CF: TV Ceasar was my choice. I've always been fascinated by the densely imaginative lyrics. Still can't figure some of them out, but that's fine.

Also, it's the music my wife and I were listening to the first time we made love. Really.

My brother, Ken, played an Ovation 12-string acoustic. I used Yamaha keyboard equipment. Shure mics were used. We record AAD to preserve the analog sound that we so dearly love, and recorded on a Teac multi-track machine. Despite the availability of digital effects, all of the effects were from a dirty little unit called a Zoom Bass Pedal. Using these pedals helped 'fatten' the sound for us. 


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