From Shadow to Shadow

Track-listing for the Double CD

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Disc A [78.50 minutes]


Disc B [79 minutes]

Whisky Train



So Far Behind


The Pursuit of Happiness

Lime Street Blues


Toujours l'Amour

Don't Ya Like My Love?


Whisky Train

Wreck of the Hesperus


Typewriter Torment

Juicy John Pink


Long Gone Geek

Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)


The Angler

Too Much Between Us


She Makes Me Feel

TV Ceasar


A Souvenir of London

The Worm and the Tree


Wish me Well

Memorial Drive


Gone Too Far

A Robe of Silk


Repent Walpurgis

Rambling On


Pilgrim's Progress

A Salty Dog


Something Following Me

Cold Harbour Lane


Fellow Travellers

The Idol


Glimpses of Nirvana

SS Blues


'Twas Teatime at the Circus

The Final Thrust


Hulluuteni Syksy

The Emperor's New Clothes


Look to your Soul

Your Own Choice


Grand Finale

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All songs by Brooker / Reid, except B6, B16-20 (Brooker/Fisher/Reid); A8 (Brooker/Trower/Reid)
A4 (Brooker/Trower); A5, B13, B15 (Fisher/Reid); A1, A6, A11, B4, B11 (Trower/Reid)
A17, B7 (Brooker); A15, B12 (Fisher); B8 (Fisher/White); B2 (Brooker/Reid/Noble)


Here are the contents of From Shadow to Shadow again,
sorted according to the source of the original tracks

1 track originating with
The Paramounts

Don't Ya Like My Love [UK]

2 tracks originating
on Gary Brooker's solo records

SS Blues [UK]
The Angler [Australia]

2 tracks originating
on Matthew Fisher's solo albums

Cold Harbour Lane [US]
She Makes Me Feel [US]

1 track originating
on Robin Trower's solo albums

 Gone Too Far [UK]

3 tracks originating
from Procol Harum

Conquistador [US]
Something Following Me [US]
Repent Walpurgis [Germany]

8 tracks originating
from Shine on Brightly

Wish me Well [US]
Rambling On [US]
Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone) [Brazil]
Glimpses of Nirvana? [UK]
'Twas Teatime at the Circus [UK / US]
In the Autumn of My Madness [Finland / US]
Look to Your Soul [UK / US / Australia]
Grand Finale [UK / US]

5 tracks originating
from A Salty Dog

A Salty Dog [UK]
Too Much Between Us [US]
Juicy John Pink [US]
Wreck of the Hesperus [Germany]
Pilgrim's Progress [US]

3 tracks originating
from Home

Whisky Train [US]
Whisky Train [US]
Your Own Choice [UK]

1 track originating
from Broken Barricades

Memorial Drive [US]

3 tracks originating
from Grand Hotel

Toujours l'Amour [US]
TV Ceasar [US]
A Souvenir of London [UK]

1 track originating
from Exotic Birds and Fruit

 The Idol [Italy]

2 tracks originating
from Procol's Ninth

The Final Thrust [US]
Typewriter Torment [UK]

1 track originating
from Something Magic

The Worm and the Tree [Canada]

1 track originating
from The Prodigal Stranger

 The Pursuit of Happiness [US / UK]

4 tracks originating
from The Well's on Fire

A Robe of Silk [UK]
Fellow Travellers [US]
The Emperor's New Clothes [Austria]
So Far Behind [US / UK]

2 Procol numbers
not originating on albums at all

Lime Street Blues [UK]
Long Gone Geek [UK]

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