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Elizabeth Bryson  [USA]

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Elizabeth Bryson
voice and piano

EB: Toujours L'Amour is one of the first three Procol songs I knew, the live Conquistador being the first, and one of the first singles I ever bought; then I heard A Whiter Shade of Pale, and years after those songs I bought a label compilation that had Toujours L'Amour on it. It was my favorite song on there. I loved it then and love it now (along with the rest of Procol Harum's music which I have since come to know).

Anyway, since Toujours L'Amour has always been one of my favorites, as well as one of the first Procol songs I knew, I wanted to figure out the chords and do just a piano and voice arrangement with a bit more of a somber approach to the lyrics.

Recorded with Casio CT-700 keyboard, Peavey mics, Boss BR-532 digital recorder

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