As Strong as Samson [Brooker / Reid]

Ronnie D'Addario  [USA]

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Ronnie D'Addario voices and all instruments

RD: As Strong As Samson, my favorite song from the Exotic Birds album.

I started with this concept: Procol has never done much harmony other than choirs, so I approached it from the standpoint of 'that's an area where I won't have to compete with the original.'

Many of the other artists on the Palers' albums choose to not try to duplicate the originals which I think is a good idea. BJ's drumming on this tune is not something I would even attempt to copy and it probably would take away from what I really wanted to highlight on my version.

I took some of Gary's improvs and made harmony parts out of them so that they would counterpoint each other and, of course, harmonize with each other, and I made up a lot of stuff as well. Because of time, I cut out the last chorus, but tried to incorporate what was there into my last chorus. The chords are basically the same.

I use some of the same instrumentation, but they're playing completely different parts. I chose this song because, surprisingly, no one had done it yet. I'm pleased with the way it turned out because I was very hesitant when I started. I didn't know what I could come up with for this. But it turned out OK and I hope you like it.

Mixing console: Allen and Heath Mix Wiz 16:2dx

Software: Digital Performer

Computer: Mac

Sound module: Roland JV1080

Keyboard: Triton

Mic: Shure KSM44

Speakers: powered Yamaha studio monitors

Interface: MOTU


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