Trace of a Feeling

Track-listing for the Double CD

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Disc A [79:45 minutes] Track Disc B [79:45 minutes]
The Truth Won't Fade Away 1 The Devil Came from Kansas
Poor Mohammed 2 Chasing for the Chop
Fly Low 3 Bridge of Sighs
She Wandered Through the Garden Fence 4 Nothing But the Truth
Hang on Rose 5 Long Gone Geek
Nothing That I Didn't Know 6 Without a Doubt
Butterfly Boys 7 Wizard Man
All This and More 8 About to Die
Homburg 9 Cerdes (Outside the Gates of)
Bringing Home the Bacon 10 Pandora's Box
Can't You Feel My Love? 11 Can't You Feel My Love?
The Dead Man's Dream 12 Robert's Box
As Strong as Samson 13 The Cycle
Pilgrim's Progress 14 Carmen
Skating on Thin Ice 15 Kaleidoscope
Rambling On 16 The Mark of the Claw
Piggy Pig Pig 17 Whisky Train
Saw the Fire 18 A Salty Captain
Every Dog Will Have His Day 19 All Our Dreams are Sold
Crucifiction Lane 20 New Lamps for Old
Weisselklenzenacht (The Signature) 21 Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
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All songs by Brooker / Reid, except A 1, A 18A 19B 5 (Brooker / Fisher / Reid); A 14 (Fisher / Reid)
A 2, A 3, A 20, B 8, B 14, B 17 (Trower / Reid); B 19 (Brooker / Trower / Reid);  B 16 (Grabham / Reid)
B 3 (Trower);  A 5, B 13 (Brooker);  A 11,
A 21, B 11 (Fisher).

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The contents of Trace of a Feeling again, sorted according to the source of the original tracks
3.5 tracks originating
from Procol Harum
She Wandered Through the Garden Fence, Cerdes (Outside the Gates of), Kaleidoscope, A Salty Captain
1 track originating
from Shine on Brightly
Rambling On
4.5 tracks originating
from A Salty Dog
A Salty Captain, The Devil Came from Kansas, All This and More, Crucifiction Lane, Pilgrim's Progress
5 tracks originating
from Home
Whisky Train, The Dead Man's Dream, Nothing That I Didn't Know, About to Die, Piggy Pig Pig
1 track originating
from Broken Barricades
Poor Mohammed
3 tracks originating
from Grand Hotel
Bringing Home the Bacon, Fires (Which Burnt Brightly), Robert's Box
4 tracks originating
from Exotic Birds and Fruit
Nothing But the Truth, As Strong as Samson, Butterfly Boys, New Lamps for Old
2 tracks originating
from Procol's Ninth
Pandora's Box, Without a Doubt
3 tracks originating
from Something Magic
Skating on Thin Ice, Wizard Man, The Mark of the Claw
2 tracks originating
from The Prodigal Stranger
The Truth Won't Fade Away, All Our Dreams are Sold
2 tracks originating
from The Well's on Fire
Every Dog Will Have His Day, Weisselklenzenacht (The Signature)
2 Procol tracks
not originating on albums at all
Homburg, Long Gone Geek

4 tracks originating
on Gary Brooker's solo recordings

Chasing for the Chop, Hang on Rose, Saw the Fire, The Cycle
3 tracks originating
on Robin Trower's solo recordings
Bridge of Sighs, Carmen, Fly Low

2 tracks (one number) originating
on Matthew Fisher's solo recordings

Can't you Feel my Love?, Can't you Feel my Love?

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