Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackRambling On [Brooker / Reid] 

Nags Head String Quartet [USA]

Peter Hummers all sounds

PH: I consider Procol Harum my desert-island rock band ('rock' for lack of a better term). I recorded Rambling On because (a) no one had done it yet and (b) it's long been one of my favorite wacked-out songs.

The arrangement is much like Procol's, except that it's four nylon-string guitars (and a kazoo). My favorite music has been made playing informally with friends, not spending time on new arrangements, but getting together and playing songs we knew, on acoustic instruments that were easy to carry around.

The 'flying' introduction is short, but I usually listen carefully to a song just long enough to learn it, then play it with memory-induced variations that tend to stick. This may be the first Procol song I ever learned, which would have been around 1968.

Peter played a second-hand nylon-string guitar in front of an old Macintosh 5500/250, using free (Audacity) and demo (sonicWORX ® Artist Basic) software, which still beats the horrible way he had to record nasty demos of his own music back in the day he was in bands. The kazoo is a yellow plastic party-favor inscribed 'This is your life Cari Sheets'! Cari is a friend of Peter's.

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