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Sev Lewkowicz  [UK]

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Sev Lewkowicz voice and all instruments

Sev first recorded A Salty Dog as a demo with the reformed 70s prog-rock band Gracious! in 1996, as part of a musical interpretation of Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It was recorded but unmixed when creative difficulties led to the shelving of the Gracious! project; work resumed early in 1997 when Sev started work on Mariner on his own, in his own studio, going back to his own Atari demos.

The present track is a remixed and edited version of the Salty Dog on that album, which was issued under the name of Nostromo.

Korg M1
Akai S900 sampler
Roland MT 32
Korg 05 RW
Alesis SR16 for drums
Sequenced on Atari SE running CuBase

Shure SM 58 for vocals
Vocal recorded on Fostex 4-track, MIDI-synched
Original mastering on Behringer Ultrafex 2
Remastered using Wavelab

Recorded at The Music Loft

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