Homburg [Brooker, Reid]

HanDs  [Netherlands]

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Hans Tammes keyboards, string-, drum- and bass- programming, harmony vocals

Guus Laatsch keyboards, lead and rhythm guitars, computer-programming, lead and harmony vocals, arrangement

Tineke Hoogendoorn violin (pictured)

Huub Gillisen harmony vocals (pictured)

Wolfgang Lieke drums

For the harmony we sang each four times on left and four times on right, making a choir of twenty-four voices!
Recorded at Guus's studio, Fairplay, in Zoetermeer, Netherlands: sound engineer Julius Douwes
Production: Guus and Hans
Keyboards: Roland Juno 106, Roland D50, Roland 2080 and Korg M-1
Gibson Les Paul guitar; Yamaha and Martin acoustic guitars; a French-made violin from about 1850; Sonor drums.

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