The Milk of Human Kindness [Brooker, Reid]

Fran Glendining  [UK]

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Photo: Elly Wallace

photo: Julien Lesage

Roland Clare piano

Fran Glendining voices

Peter Clare B flat cornet

RC: to the best of our knowledge Procol Harum have not played this song live, and this arrangement evolved out of the idea that it might be worthwhile to put a lot of space around Keith Reid's plaintive words. Maybe I had Shipbuilding, by Elvis Costello and the Attractions, somewhere in mind, though the two tracks didn't end up at all similar.

Recording took place in September 2002 at Fran's remote Norfolk studio, in a session that lasted somewhat less time than the journey thither with the mighty RD600 in tow. Peter has soloed The Last Post for a couple of Armistice Day services, and something of that mood informed his mournful B flat cornet break, which was added in Bristol in November. Also added in Bristol were the harmony voices, when they came from Norfolk by a snail-mailed minidisc.

Fran uses 'a great Russian mic'
Roland plays a Roland RD600 piano
Peter plays a Yamaha YCR 2330 Cornet

Recorded on a Roland CS1680 digital 8 track (Norfolk) Sennheiser 421 and PC / Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 (Bristol)

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