Whisky Train [Trower / Reid]

Northern Sky [US]

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Chris Walter

Delethia Ridley

Ken Stasion

Chris Walters
 Delethia Ridley, voice
with Ken
Ken Stasion, guitars, bass
guitar, percussion
KS: Whisky Train was first recorded for Best of The Whalers, a project conceived by our dear friend Michael Ackerman, founder of 'Whaling Stories', The Gary Brooker Fan Club based in Germany.  The album was to be a tribute to BJ Wilson. As such, material centring on this but also including all elements of the Procol pathos were submitted by fans.  I chose to do Whisky Train and About To DieWhisky Train features cowbell deluxe!  So I thought this a fitting tribute. 

Originally I did the vocals on The Whalers version, but decided to get long-time friend Delethia Ridley to redo them for this Palers' Project CD.  Delethia has a soulful bluesy voice I thought perfect for this.

Ken writes: my guitar is a 1974 Rickenbacker 481 going through a 1974 Orange 120 Amp with an Orange 4x12 cab loaded with 12 inch Eminence speakers. 

The bass is a Rick 4001 going through an original Ampeg SVT.

The wah is a Vox reissue.

Chris Walters plays a Pearl kit with a chrome Slingerland snare and Zildjian cymbals. Chris double tracked the snare. 

I utilised a real cowbell along with two cowbell samples. I proudly play them myself!

The tracks was recorded at Clear Cut Records in SaddleBrook, NJ:  Max Caselnova is the recording engineer.


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