Trace of a Feeling

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Peter Bourne

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Interesting that each disc is about 79:45 in length, 15 seconds or so short of being completely full. Great value, therefore!

This set is a real gem. I suppose the last word should go to the Commander (from a comment he made about the first Palers’ Project anthology, but it applies equally here. I trust he’d agree …): “… this was no 'pastiche' but a great appreciation of past works".

Stereophile magazine

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... a shifting musical cast known collectively as the Palers' Project has released a series of discs ... Trace of a Feeling ... has some astounding moments. Not to be missed are two (!) superb recastings of a fine Matthew Fisher solo tune ... it is "not unworthy of the perusal of most."

Elizabeth Bryson

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... an overwhelming amount of musical imagination and talent ... re-creates the feeling in a surprisingly new and inventive way ... strong musical solos in abundance ... Geoff Whitehorn gives us a shining example ... a Beach Boys-style vocal arrangement that works very beautifully and naturally ... very stately, very grand, wonderful ... a very witty and clever arrangement ... genuine love and passion for the original music ... get a copy today ...

Rob Barnes

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...  a success on all counts – not just a new and exciting set of variations on the theme of familiar songs, but beautifully and meticulously packaged ... the intervention of classical themes together with clever allusions to other Procol tracks in some bridge sections ... so many good harmonies and backing vocals – never usually in-built traits of the originals

John Hall

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... another auditory feast of the superb, the splendid and the simply strange ... ingredients of a consistently higher grade than even the preceding From Shadow to Shadow ... new and refreshing insights ... TV scientist and historian Adam Hart-Davis provides a voice over ... perhaps prefiguring his next BBC series What the Procols Did For Us. ... a hugely enjoyable collection ... a joyful evocation of what being a music fan is all about

Bert Saraco

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... something that I think Trower himself could’ve been proud of having played ... the legendary Rockette Morton of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band fame ... space-jazz keyboard runs in [a] swirling, melodic cauldron ... a successful, unique, fun approach to a signature Procol tune ... typically powerful guitar work from one Geoff Whitehorn ... multi-tracked vocals are a joy to listen to ... bright and just-right, right down to the very authentic period rock'n'roll sax section ... versions that any Procol Harum fan will want to add to his, or her, collection.

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