Rambling On [Brooker / Reid]

George Bertok  [Canada]

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George Bertok [Bertokia]:
voice and all instruments

GB: Dear Gary and Keith, I hope this makes up for the slight ribbing I gave
The Worm and the Tree on From Shadow to Shadow ...

Apex studio condenser mic
Yamaha P80 digital piano
Emu B3 organ module
Motion Sound Pro3 Leslie Speaker
Epiphone Les Paul Classic guitar
Samick Greg Bennett acoustic guitar
Squire Affinity Jazz bass
Matsuoka classical guitar (used as a hand drum)
Roland SPD-8 drum pads
Alesis HR-16 drum machine (used only for its sound)
Behringer V-Amp 2
Lexicon Alex reverb
Digitech S-100 reverb
Yamaha MD8 Minidisc recorder
HHB CDR-850 CD recorder
Mackie 1202 mixer

No sequencing, no click-track


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