Nothing But the Truth [Brooker / Reid]

The Oakes Brothers [UK]

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John and Harry Oakes, main voices, all instruments; Adam Hart-Davis, spoken verdict

J+HO: The loot we spent on all these overdubs came out of a bet (thanks CF you plonker) and we reckon we spent it well. Great tune, one of our favourite Procol ditties. The words always seemed like a court case so thanks Adam for dropping in from TV-land and passing sentence. Thanks Babs and Nancy for nipping over from The Pinch o' Salt (ooh la la) to sing for us on condition we did not name names, ho ho. Thanks Boys' Brigade for loaning the big drum. Thanks Ma Heaney at Sexton Road Junior for loaning us a drawerful of gobsticks, by the looks of it the same ones we played as nippers. Cheers to the down-time team at 'One-Four' (we'll come and clean up, Mitch) and here's to the next round.
Guitar: no longer has any markings
Mandolins: one by Ellaby, one by Flohmarkt
Harmonica: Hohner chromatic
Turkish cymbals: by Djinn
Recorders: by Schott and Co
Whistles: by Woolworth
Double bass: by Stradivarius
Gavel: by Chad Valley


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