Long Gone Geek [Brooker / Fisher / Reid] 

Astral Quest [France]

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Astral Quest was founded in 2000 by Jean-Marc Devaux (guitar, voice). After many line-up changes,
it now consists of JMD, Martial Baudoin (bass guitar) and Marc Chaniot on drums.

Martial Jean-Marc Marc

Astral Quest being a guitar-based psychedelic rock-blues power-trio, it was a kind of a challenge to choose a Procol Harum song which we could adapt to our style without having to change it completely. Long Gone Geek, B-side of A Salty Dog, seemed to have the qualities required for us to arrange it our way: with a driving 70s blues-rock rhythm, the possibility of a burning guitar solo and soft psychedelic effects ... with a little surprise in the last bars of the song! 

Audio-digital PC recording. Recorded by Martial Baudoin in May 2005 and mixed by Martial and Jean-Marc
on 6 June 2005 at Studio La Corbière (Alièze, Jura, France). Arranged and produced by Astral Quest

AudioTechnica, Shure and Sennheiser microphones
Allen & Heath analogical console
Tube compressor-preamplifier
TL Audio
Mind Print effects
Tama Rockstar drums
Paiste cymbals

Gibson Les Paul Special
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Marshall JCM 900
Dunlop Wah-Wah pedal
Boomerang guitar phrase sampler

Jay Dee bass
bass amplifier


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