Hang on Rose [Brooker] 

Mad for Bread [UK] 

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Mad For Bread comprises [left to right] Rob Barnes (voice and acoustic guitar), Fred Purser (lead and
bass guitars),
and Adam Barnes (drums) – and is 'one of this year's very best name anagrams'!




RB: Hang On Rose has long been a favourite from Gary's 1982 Lead Me to the Water album.  My original thought was to do a very acoustic version – guitar and 1950s Larry Adler-style harmonica, starting off with a grandfather clock ticking in the background before the immortal 'A quiet night in my home …'.  As a result of working in the studio with Fred and Adam on an album, it took on a very different colour, with the original 4:10 track being condensed into 2:40 of unbridled, 'from the hip' rocking fun. As Barry Norman (UK film buff/critic) might have said, “And why not!” 

Vocal recorded using a Neumann U87 mic through a DACS Micamp.  Aria AMB-50 acoustic guitar (with D'Addario extra-lights) recorded with an AKG 451 mic through a TL Audio Valve pre-amp.

Gibson Les Paul Standard through a grizzly old Vox AC30 amp, Fender Strat with Soldano 60-watt head and Marshall 8 x 10 inch cabinet, and a Vigier 4 string bass through a very loud Marshall rig.

Drums are Premier Genista kick and three toms in retro blue swirl, and Premier Modern Classic Maple Snare in blue sparkle.  Cymbals are Sabian AA hi-hats, crashes and chinas, HHX and Pro Sonix splashes and a Zildjian 20” Deep Ride.  Percussion items are an LP cowbell and jam block.  Hardware comprises Pearl stands, DW pedals, Gibraltar and LP clamps.  Sticks are Vic Firth 5A Extreme with wood tips.  Stool is three-legged with round top (non-rotating) painted in French blue, with an apple motif added c. 1986.

The recording was made at Trinity Heights in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, on 2” analogue tape running at 30 ips, with additional FX and manipulation in Digital Performer.


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