Fly Low [Trower / Reid] 

Dave Knight  [UK]

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Dave Knight, voice, guitars, and rhythm track

DK: Roland suggested this track for inclusion; this followed much dialogue between Bristol and Warrington. The aim was to try and provide something that was not already included, or likely to be submitted. Whisky Train and The Unquiet Zone were being developed by me at the time, but I decided to have a go at Fly Low which is taken from Robin Trower's Victims of the Fury album.

Three versions of this song were worked in parallel, the first two with drums and the third (this track) without. It became apparent that to achieve the feeling of freedom and expression that the song required was impossible with use of a constant beat.

The intention is to give a dream-like quality and provide the listener with a sense of floating much like the theme from The Snowman.

The recording was done on my home PC using Cakewalk; the rhythm track was built using a Roland EG-101 keyboard; a Fender 59 re-issue Stratocaster was added via a Zoom GFX4 effects unit DI'd into the PC. The vocals were taken directly into the PC and conditioned within Cakewalk.

A mix was posted to Bristol where Roland did a final production job on the original to provide the ethereal sound: many thanks for that.

He used Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 on a domestic PC as well.


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