The Cycle [Brooker] 

Jeremy Gilien  [USA]

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Jeremy Gilien, voice and all instruments
JG: I still haven't recorded a Procol Harum song for a Palers' Project CD, so if I am fortunate enough to be included on the fourth and final collection I really must make it a priority to do so.

This time, though, I have turned from Fisher to Brooker, and have tried my hand at my favourite song on Lead Me To The Water

Last time out I tried to Procolize Fisher's Cold Harbour Lane with a lot of stately piano and organ. 

Not so this time with the Brooker offering.  No Hammond or piano at all here, only a few touches of synth for orchestration.  However, the Procol influence is not entirely absent, and the pizzicato strings during the instrumental break owe more than a bit to Luskus Delph.

Ensoniq MR76 workstation for drums, bass, and keyboard sounds
Martin DC-16GTE acoustic guitar
AKG D950 microphone
Recorded on Boss BR8 digital 8 track machine.


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