Can't You Feel My Love? [Fisher]

Bellaire & Dunn [USA]

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Rick Bellaire (left)
guitars, mandolin, mandola
harmony voice

John Dunn
guitar, bass guitar
lead voice

(As a side note, Matthew heard this track and gently informed the duo that, although he found the cover version 'interesting' and 'flattering', he considers his arranging part of the songwriting  process and he didn't really care for the version.)


RB: From the day he bought Matthew Fisher's self-titled third solo album, Rick knew immediately that he'd record Can't You Feel my Love? one day in an acoustic setting. It sounded like a 'folk song' to him. After a several-year stretch when Rick and John were writing together, but John had dropped out of the performing end, they reunited as a duo and began to record the Bellaire & Dunn album. Deciding the theme would be a 'coming-of-age' cycle focusing on the difficulties of maintaining relationships in the modern age, the song was a natural for inclusion and was the first song recorded for the album.

Rick: 1957 Gibson LG-O acoustic guitar
1911 Gibson A-4 mandolin
1918 Regal Octophone mandola
1990s Takamine EF-385 12-string acoustic guitar
John: 1972 Martin D-28 acoustic guitar
1990s Padula fretless bass guitar
Tascam 80-8 half-inch 8 track recorder
Tascam 8 Track mixer with 8 channel expander
Low-end mics
      (Sennheiser, Shure SM-57s and -58s)
Low-end effects
      (DOD, Yamaha)


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