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The Doubtful Guests  [UK]

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Jane Pam Stephen Roland Peter

Left to right: Jane Clare backing voices; Pam Kaye too many women; Stephen 'Doc' Wallace lead voice
Roland Clare piano, bass guitar, synthesisers, percussion, etc; Peter Clare drums in the playout

RC: this re-think of a favourite song from Home came to mind on a holiday in Prague, where the only listening in the flat I'd borrowed was endless Pet Shop Boys CDs. I fancied a rhythmic chant with some Northern vowels in it, but beyond that any PSB influence surely got washed away as various Procol themes took over during the overdubbing process (all audio, no MIDI). I 'grew up' on Akai and Tascam tape-machines with the idea that sound-on-sounding should imitate a real band playing, one musician per track: on that basis, there are forty-one players on this song eight of them Pam chanting. Listeners with X-ray ears may notice a sound-clip borrowed from an early Procol album as well as the more obvious thematic filchings.

Piano: RD 600
Synth sounds: Yamaha TG33
Drums and percussion: Roland TD6
Bass guitar: Aria Pro II
BVs recorded with Sennheiser 421

Main vocal recorded using Rode NT1 vocal mic
Vocal processing: Behringer suite comprising Virtualiser Pro, Autocom Pro 1400, DBX 119 compression
Mixer: Phonic MM1805X. Recorded with Cakewalk
and tweaked about on a domestic PC

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