Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackToo Much Between Us [Brooker / Trower / Reid] 

Donna Blue  [USA]

Donna Blue vocals, production
Mike Callahan drums
Beatle Buck guitars and bass

DB: the song was recorded initially at the swinging bachelor pad of Mike Callahan (a shed, actually). Guitar solos and vocals were done at Donna's home: listen carefully you can actually hear the dust.

We used a Roland VS1824 Digital Workstation for everything. This was a first for me on this machine. It took an excruciatingly long time, since I don't read Japanese.

Special thanks: to Mike Callahan for getting the ball in play and following thru with great humor and enthusiasm. Much gratefulness and love to Beatle for his enormous help with engineering and mixing, and for performing all the necessary lynchings, beatings and cries for mercy with such gentle effectiveness. Many thanks to all the Palers for their inspiration and camaraderie, especially Larry Pennisi. And of course, to the indomitable and very nice RC, a very patient man.

Rhythm guitar: 1976 Ibanez Les Paul (with capo)
Lead guitar: 1997 G & L ASAT Telecaster
Vocal mic: Octava MK-219

Bass guitar: Ibanez Soundgear
'The most dirty, dust-laden Ludwig
kit you can imagine: old, old old'

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