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Larry 'Cerdes' Pennisi  [USA]

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Larry 'Cerdes' Pennisi Ė
all instrumentation, voice
and production

LP: it was in some confusion that I selected SFM for my contribution to this album. I initially started out with what Roland pointed out was a very Sting-like intro: I am glad he picked it up because it was certainly all wrong for this track. I then opted for what I was hoping to be a psychedelic motif. While it didnít pan out completely psychedelically, I was able to preserve moments of that.

To give the track a more human sound, I played drum fills with sticks on a Casio drum pad over the session drummer that Cakewalk provides. The track opens with a rolling train sample from the Korg master synth; the mellotron flutes are playing a line from In the Court of the Crimson King. The backward 'guitar' solo, a nod to Mr Harrison, was reversed and grafted over a sound sample from the Outer Limits TV series. It precedes a jazz-inspired organ solo that I wanted to be as frenetic as possible.

Singing The Dead Manís Dream was a flash idea and just seemed to work in terms of phrasing and tempo. The track has been reworked to the point of distraction. Thanks to Gary Shepard for telling me that it sounded as finished as it ever would and to leave it alone.

It ends with a piece that I wrote for piano and organ and was going to develop further as a quasi-Bach prelude; I needed a dismal ending and the chords just seemed to work. I found it rather chilling and shall choose a sprightlier track for the next outing.

Korg N5 Digital Synth
Evolution MK 261 Midi Slave Board
Mackie 1202 Pro Mixer
AMD 1200 MH Computer
Roland Expander (Analog synth + mellotron emulator)

Cakewalk Digital recording software
Radio Shack Cheezo Mic
Casio Drum Pad System
Panasonic Digital Headphones
Coffee and confusion

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