A Robe of Silk [Brooker / Reid] 

In 2 Deep [UK]

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Denis Masterton
acoustic / electric guitars

John Bobin
bass guitar

Trevor Morgan lead vocal, keyboards, drum programming

JB: In 2 Deep were formed from the ashes of Oscar (a band with a similar repertoire but five members) and the avowed intent was to make music a viable option for small clubs that might otherwise go for DJs and/or the dreaded Karaoke. The repertoire is heavily dominated by 50s and 60s music, yet they turn their hand to anything in order to 'keep the customer satisfied'.

Roland XP50 Music Work Station
Korg SP Stage Piano module
Roland VK8M organ module
K J Leftwich custom 5-string Jazz Bass
Roland DB500 digital bass amplifier

Melvyn Jones custom Telecaster
Rat distortion pedal
Art & Lutherie electro-acoustic guitar
VS Pro sequencer
Roland VS -1880 24bit Digital Studio Work Station

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