From Shadow to Shadow

Review Beverly Peyton [USA]

So there I was anticipating the arrival of my From Shadow to Shadow disks the moment I heard the mp3 samples posted by 'Beyond the Pale'. But allow me to preface that by saying anyone who has experienced the preparation and process of termite evacuation knows that many diversions are as necessary as possible when faced with an uneasy abandon of creature (forgive the pun) comforts which thankfully were provided by a very gifted group of Palers!

How certain I was that I'd not be disappointed that I decided 'Paler Project 2' would be the only disks to accompany me on my sojourn. Not to diminish prior attempts, but never have so many Procol Harum covers been so artfully performed!

Conquistador nearly reduced me to tears! What an outstanding rendition and no doubt a #1 hit were it released as such! And alert the media please! Typewriter Torment is absolutely brilliant! How endearing The Pursuit of Happiness, not to mention a big wow for Juicy John Pink! The Angler, having always been a fav of mine, does Gary proud and special kudos extend to those performing So Far Behind, Wish Me Well as well as both versions of Whisky Train. Standing ovations go to Glimpses Grand Finale (B16, 17, 18, 19, 20). I was hoping Quibble and Quirk would someday make their musical presence felt! ;-)

If Ronnie D'Addario, Ethan Reilly or Jeremy Gilien don't have recording contracts ... they should! Then again, each and every performer on From Shadow to Shadow is deserving of said commentary and rather than single out every contribution I wish to thank all the Palers for providing me with some very eye-opening surprises as well as Procol Harum pleasure! Last, but not least.... the sleeve. Not only does its creativity envelope its contents, it casts a 'mighty shadow' for the love of Procol Harum.

Beverly Peyton, Florida, USA; 28 May 2004

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