From Shadow to Shadow

Review James Dolen [USA]

There's so much great guitar playing that it's hard to mention names without feeling like I'm slighting the others but Gary Shepard's growling, almost furious work on Juicy John Pink is a personal favorite. On Wish Me Well he sounds like he's enjoying himself as much as Robin Trower must have. Likewise with Dave Steffen on Whisky Train. The Angler is a beautiful, moving song. Who said Gary doesn't write words?

I once read that Repent Walpurgis was 'Matthew Fisher's brooding masterpiece'. Andreas Havlik plays the song in faithful tribute to its original glory. Much well-deserved praise has been written about Conquistador. I'll just add that whoever decided to record the song in both Spanish and English is a genius.

Larry Pennisi's haunting Something Following Me is also terrific. Les Fradkin's Fellow Travellers is uplifting and inspiring. It also exemplifies the wealth of talent among these musician fans. One person handling all the vocals and instruments amazing.

You don't have to be a confirmed Procoholic to enjoy this disk set. It would also make a fine gift. You'll be pleased to give it and the lucky recipient will be pleased to have it.

James Dolen : December 2004

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