From Shadow to Shadow

Review Elizabeth Bryson [USA]

From Shadow to Shadow is one of those albums that as soon as you finish listening to it, you can't wait to listen to it again. Some tracks will immediately jump out as favorites, but even the more unusual takes on some of the songs have a compelling quality to them. There is immense musical diversity and originality, not to mention some amazing musicianship!

There are two wonderful versions of Whisky Train, the first being a bit truer to the original and the second one much more introspective. Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone) has a beautiful, fragile quality to it. On Your Own
, the vocal arrangement is particularly imaginative and impressive as is the overall arrangement of the song.

Another particular favorite is Conquistador: this bilingual interpretation is extremely catchy and captivating! The Angler has a lovely and true approach to the words and has an all-around great feel to it. A Souvenir of London is brilliantly true to the original yet sounding very unique at the same time.

Very fittingly of course, the album ends with Grand Finale. This version truly captures the soulful and intense beauty of the original while having a wonderfully intimate feel to it and again, a very imaginative and original arrangement.

As with the first Palers' Project collection, Lost in the Looking-Glass, the performances on this album offer a wealth of different musical approaches. There is a unique take on just about every track and while sometimes straying greatly from the original in musical style still maintaining the spirit and essence of some absolutely brilliant songs! This is a real treat and must-have for any fan of Procol Harum and even for prospective fans, as it will reveal the variety and depth of the songs themselves.

Elizabeth Bryson, Maryland USA, 14 May 2004

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