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Al 'One-Eye' Edelist  [USA]

One-Eye on the 'plane to Japan to see Procol on tour

AE: this version was conceived before Lost in the Looking-Glass came out, in conversation with Larry 'Cerdes' Pennisi; and then it was discussed the first time I met Gary Shepard with whom I'd already recorded a couple of tracks in an Irish pub across from Imac Huntington when Procol played there in 2003.

We discussed how to make an 80s new wave punk sound with the Procol feeling, and Gary's rhythm-track answer to that question (this is his second version) is the basis of the present track.

I added vocals at Jeremy Gilien's studio on two occasions, and Roland creatively blended these on his own equipment. When Roland was in LA we had further discussions, during late-night driving, about how the backing vocal should go: he went home and communicated this to Jane.

As I listened to various mp3 mixes sent over from the UK, I clearly heard additional percussion parts, which I then dictated over the 'phone to Bristol, where Peter executed them! A few more vocal parts, and a final mix, were completed when I was in Bristol in December 2003.

So although it was conceived in LA, the song has gestated for the best part of two years in many minds, and covered thousands of miles before being born here.

Al 'One-Eye' Edelist vocal
Gary Shepard all instruments
Jane Clare backing vocal
Peter Clare extra percussion

Gary's equipment: Paul Reed Smith guitar, Korg AX1500G effects processor, Carvin 8400 powered mixer, Boss BR-1180 digital recorder, Yamaha Motif 8 keyboard, and a nameless but useful bass guitar.

In Bristol: cowbell and cymbals, TD6; Sennheiser 421; Cakewalk; domestic PC

Main vocal: AKG D950 microphone, Boss BR8 digital 8-track machine.

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