Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackLook to Your Soul [Brooker / Fisher / Reid] 

Stephen 'Doc' Wallace [Australia / UK]

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Stephen 'Doc' Wallace vocal
Gary Shepard all instruments

RC: Gary Shepard's instrumental track set out to recreate the Procol original very faithfully, so there could be no melodic fudging when it came to recording this most demanding Brooker line.

I knew from various Lost in the Looking-Glass recording sessions that the Doc had the vocal range to tackle it, which he duly did on a busy visit to Bristol which also resulted in Your Own Choice.

Segue to Grand Finale

Gary's gear in the USA: Paul Reed Smith guitar, Korg AX1500G effects processor, Carvin 8400 powered mixer, Boss BR-1180 digital recorder, Yamaha Motif 8 keyboard, and a nameless but useful bass guitar. The Doc's vocal was added in Bristol (via Cakewalk and domestic PC) using Rode NT1 vocal mic; vocal processing: Behringer suite comprising Virtualiser Pro, Autocom Pro 1400, DBX 119 compression; mixer: Phonic MM1805X. 

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