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Northern Sky [USA]

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Ken Stasion guitars, bass, voice and keys

Chris Walter drums

KS: I thought The Final Thrust was one of the more awkward-sounding Procol songs. I had been listening to a lot of Grant Lee Buffalo and wondered how they might approach this song. I also thought the subject matter to be a bit 'military' so I lengthened the B section by six measures and included my own lyrics, in this way trying to impart a sense of personal struggle and separation caused by an injustice. Part of the organ passage is from ... well let's see if you recognise it! I didn't know consciously at the time that this was from an earlier Procol piece. I was listening to playback going, 'I know I've heard that before' ... so Procol really is lodged in my aesthetic sensibilities ... consciously and unconsciously.

I used a solid body Rickenbacker for the lead solo and Rotovibe rhythm. The acoustic guitar is an Ovation Legacy, miked. The bass is a Rickenbacker. The guitar amp is a 1974 Orange 120 and Orange 4 x 12 Cab. Bass amp is an old Ampeg SVT. The keyboard sounds are from an EMU Classic Keys with an EMU midi controller keyboard.

Recorded at Clearcut Studios. Max Casletenova, recording engineer and co-producer.
Kaleidoscope Ken Stasion, producer.

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