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Les Fradkin  [USA]

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Les Fradkin all vocals and instruments

LF: I chose Fellow Travellers because it was a big influence on my writing The Rebirth of Hope and Rehearsals For Retirement on my Reality The Rock Opera CD, which I sent to Mssrs Brooker and Fisher via 'Beyond the Pale'

When I decided to record it, at the invitation of The Palers' Project, I also thought that a Joe Meek Telstar feel might give it a different 'spin'. Of course, in the process, it turned out a bit differently!

The instrumentation is two acoustic guitars, electric lead, keyboards, drums and Rickenbacker bass. The lead guitar sound was played through a Rockman.

One more Procol connection: Gary Brooker played piano on the Godzundheit CD on the song Weary Blues. Although I don't appear as a musician on that cut, I did re-mix it for release in 1973 when I assembled the Godzundheit LP for issue. Gary was billed as 'The Great Pahene'!

The album had no title at the time of Gary's session. It was just a session get-together for the Godz, sometime between 1968 and 1973, if I recall correctly. I believe Jim McCarthy (Godz' guitarist) got him to appear on the date. They evidently must have been acquainted somehow. The song was sung by Paul Thornton.

Fender 'Roland Ready' Stratocaster 6-string guitar
Dean Rhapsody 12-string bass

Mason & Hamlin and Roland pianos
Roland Synthesizers and VK-7 organ
Mellotron MkII (flutes and violins)
Roland Percussion
Roland VG-8EX V-Guitar System
Rockman Sustainor
Rockman 12 Band Equalizer

Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay
Recorded on Apple Macintosh Dual G4
with E-Magic Logic Platinum V6.3.1
Mixed with E-Magic Logic Control
Mastered with Digidesign Pro Tools V6.0.1
Recorded at RRO Studios Parker, CO USA

Produced by Les Fradkin and Loretta Fradkin
for RRO Entertainment

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