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Roger Ilott + Penny Davies [Australia]

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Roger Ilott Ė vocal, acoustic guitars, pedal steel, keyboards

Penny Davies Ė backing vocal

RI: Iíve loved Procol Harum since I first heard their music as a teenager in 1967. Over the years Iíve absorbed every note and word on their albums.

Though Penny Davies and I are folksingers, and the music we write and record is folk-based, Procol Harumís influence is woven throughout our recorded musical catalogue.

Recording a version of Gary Brookerís The Angler was therefore an interesting challenge from Roland Ė in this case, rather than our version being influenced by Procol Harum, we turned it about so that the recording reflected our folk music background.

Penny and I approached The Angler as we would a folk song, taking the basic song structure and letting the instruments, voices and arrangement develop the story.

Art & Lutherie parlour guitar (2002), KYairi small-bodied acoustic guitar (1983),
MSA pedal steel (circa 1971), Technics KN 1000 keyboard.

Recorded on TASCAM DA-38, using Rode NT2 microphone
Mixed on Mackie CFX 12 mixer, mastered on TASCAM CD-RW700
Monitoring: BGW210 amplifier, Auratone T6 speakers

Produced, recorded and mixed by Roger Ilott © 2003 Restless Music, PO Box 438, Stanthorpe, Queensland 4380, Australia

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