Shine on Brightly [Brooker, Reid]

(Get out of my) Fishtank  [UK]

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[from left to right]

Roland Clare – bass guitar

Colin Sillence – bodhran and voice

Chris Rusbridge – guitar and voice

Jane Clare – violin and voice

Rose Sillence – voice and violin

Performed live in Bristol in May 2000, this 'Shine on Politely' is presented in an arrangement exactly as dreamed by Roland, except that the percussion in the dream was played on a tambourine, whereas bodhran sounded better in waking life. It was first heard live on the evening of the 33rd anniversary of the release of A Whiter Shade of Pale at the Mackay Theatre in Clifton, Bristol.

Three members of (Get out of my) Fishtank formerly played in an outfit called (Get out of my) Farmhouse – hence the name – which was a rock covers band with a 14-piece string, wind and brass section. Fishtank, however, have a predominantly folkie sort of repertoire, though they have featured Brooker and Reid’s This Old Dog on occasion ... never with a DAT running, however.

Bass guitar: Aria Pro II
Bodhran: generic
Guitar: Vantage

Jane's violin: Julius Cantov (Germany, 1897)
Rose's violin: Albert Knopphler (Germany, 1849)
Performance recorded live to DAT from the audience

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