Nothing that I didn't Know [Brooker, Reid]

Larry Pennisi  [USA]

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Larry Pennisi all instrument sounds, drum programming and vocal

Photo: Richard Beck

LP: the idea to recreate this sad Brooker-Reid song, and its subsequent execution, coincided with the tragic and untimely passing of my dear friend and erstwhile collaborator, Clyde 'AJ' Johnson. The song's continuum quite appropriately depicts the death of one too young to depart so quickly without having had time to say 'goodbye.' I miss him very much and mourn his passing as I have mourned very few before him. AJ ..."Stars in the constellation ... follow the dots is hard work." (Williams 1967)

The opening sound-clip suggested and supplied by my friend Sam Cameron comes from La Boulangère de Morceau (1962 b/w 26 minutes); its director, Eric Rohmer, notes: 'While the narrator is pursuing one woman he meets another who monopolizes his attention until he rediscovers the first'

Korg N5 Digital Synth
Korg MI Digital Synth
Mackie 1202 Pro Mixer
AMD 1200 MH Computer
Cakewalk Digital recording software

Roland Sound Expander (Analog synth and mellotron emulator)
Radio Shack Cheezo Mic
Radio Shack Headphones

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