The Wreck of the Hesperus [Fisher, Reid]

Ed Palermo Big Band  [USA]

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Vocal – John Tabacco
Arranger / conductor – Ed Palermo
Bass – Paul Adamy
Drums – Ray Marchica
Piano – Bob Quaranta
Kurzweil – Ted Kooshian
Trombone 1 – Charlie Gordon
Trombone 2 – Joe Fiedler
Bass bone – Matt Ingman
Trumpet 1 – Ronnie Buttacavoli
Trumpet 2 –John Trombetta (or Jon Owens? Memory fails)
Alto Sax 1 – Cliff Lyons
Alto Sax 2 – Phil Chester
Tenor Sax 1 – Bill Straub
Tenor Sax 2 – Ben Kono
Bari sax – Barbara Cifeli

Like In the Autumn of My Madness, this song was recorded at a Manhattan night-club, the Bottom Line, where the Ed Palermo Big Band has a regular engagement playing the music of Frank Zappa.

The audience DAT from this live performance on 28 September 2001 has long gone missing,
so we have mastered this track from an mp3 that was luckily preserved.

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