Harlequin [Brooker, Reid]

Sherlock's Basement  [Norway]

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Gunnar Stedje Hammond C3, keyboards, arrangement

Jorunn Stedje second voice

Kåre Asbjørn Byrknes bass, guitars, lead vocals, chorus singing, drums

Harlequin was recorded and mixed in November 2002 at the basement studio of Kåre Asbjørn, who arranged and programmed the drums after listening to BJ Wilson playing on the Hollies recording of Harlequin, which also features Gary Brooker.

Organ: Hammond C3 with two Leslie 147s

Keyboards: Korg 01/WFD synth, Roland JV-1080 sound module

Bass: Charvel Jackson Bass through a Trace Elliot amp

Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Marshall Valvestate 100 and Fender Sidekick 35

Drums: Akai MPC2000XL

Guitar: recorded with AKG D3800 dynamic mic

Organ: recorded with two AKG D321 dynamic mics

Lead and harmony vocals: recorded with AKG C535EB condensator microphone

Recorded on an Akai DPS12i hard-disc recorder, mixed on a Ramsa mixer and Mission Monitors. Effects from Yamaha SPX9000.

Thanks to Atle and Sylveig Lægreid at Lægreid Hotel for the kind loan of the C3 and Leslies!

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