The Pursuit of Happiness [Brooker, Reid, Noble]

Colin Sillence  [UK]

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Colin Sillence – guitar and voice

Jane Clare – violin, voices

Charlotte Espiner – 'cello

Hi-tech in Bristol

RC: I thought this lovely song might sound well on a folk-styled guitar, and wrote out the melodic countour (but not the time-values or chords) for my bandmate Colin, who had never heard the original.

Choosing a dropped-D tuning, Colin tinkered the piece into the present shape, whose harmony and rhythms ended up surprisingly close to the blueprint he didn’t know. I wrote some quick additional string parts to complement his guitar and vocal treatment.

Guitar: Martin D28
Mics: Sennheiser 421

Violin: Julius Cantov (German, 1897); bow by Fretchzner
'Cello: Meercourt (French, 1890); silvertip bow by John Stagg of Bristol.
Recorded using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 on a domestic PC (pictured)

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