The Piper's Tune [Brooker, Reid]

Dr Hip and the Replacements  [AUS]

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Stephen 'Doc' Wallace voice, drums (pictured)

Dave Knight guitars

Roland Clare bass, piano, organ

RC: three old blokes with very different accents get together one very wet November weekend to record a Procol song. Two of them have never met before, and the one who knows how to work the machines vanishes for a five-hour dinner engagement in the middle of the session. Sounds like a recipe for disaster ... so they decide to make it three songs instead.

For this 'pyrites' version of The Piper's Tune, guitar, piano and drums were recorded together live; rather than spend time on tidying up the backing track, we decided to put down some quick overdubs and leave it to see what the 'Doc' would come up with by way of a vocal.

Some entirely informal percussion played by young Jamie Wallace is audible in the fade-out!

Piano: Roland RD 600
Bass: Aria Pro II
Guitar: Strat re-issue through Orange AD15, recorded with PZM
Drums: Roland TD7
Organ: Nord Electro 61

Mixer: Phonic MM1805X
Vocal mic: Rode NT1
Recorded on Roland VS880
Processing: Behringer suite comprising Virtualiser Pro, Autocom Pro 1400, DBX 119 compression

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