Barnyard Story [Brooker, Reid]

Dr Hip and the Replacements  [AUS+UK]

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Stephen 'Doc' Wallace voice, drums

Dave Knight lead guitar, acoustic guitar (pictured)

Roland Clare bass, piano

RC: Dave and I drove down to Stephen's front-room studio in the New Forest with the intention of recording The Piper's Tune together, but the 'Doc' greeted us with this unexpected 'larrikin' reading of Barnyard Story, which was recorded live that evening with drums, acoustic guitar and bass. By midnight he had wrung some lead guitar and piano out of us in another take, and that is how we left the piece ... wondering what the final mix would be like and how his vocal would work on top of our rather rough-edged backing track.

Piano: Roland RD 600
Bass: Aria Pro II
Guitar: Strat re-issue through Orange AD15, recorded with PZM
Acoustic guitar: Baby Taylor 301 GB
Drums: Roland TD7

Mixer: Phonic MM1805X
Vocal mic: Rode NT1
Recorded on Roland VS880
Processing: Behringer suite comprising Virtualiser Pro, Autocom Pro 1400, DBX 119 compression

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