Glimpses of Nirvana [Brooker, Fisher, Reid]

Derren Brown  [UK] / Amelia Wisloch  [Italy]

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Derren Brown voice
Sam Cameron soundscape

Amelia Wisloch voice
Roland Clare sound collage, piano

The voices on this track were recorded during National Poetry Week in the UK, October 2002. Derren Brown's website has details of his TV shows, theatre appearances, and publications. The principal backing track to the Glimpses section is an original piece by Sam Cameron entitled Sometimes the Boy Who Has No Friends Loses his Patience and Wins and comes from his album, Significantly Different from Zero. The piano music for Held Close is adapted from the central section of Grand Hotel.

Amelia's part of this track was played at her own funeral in Bristol on 15 February 2006
in memory of a lovely, generous and gracious neighbour and friend: RIP.

Voices recorded with a Sennheiser 421, and piano sounds from the RD 600: these were recorded on PC with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. Thanks to Julien Lesage for waterdrops.

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