Boredom [Brooker, Fisher, Reid]

HanDs  [Netherlands]

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Wolfgang Lieke

Hans Tammes keyboards (piano, strings, flute, bass programming), lead and harmony vocals, percussion, handclap, co-arranger

Guus Laatsch keyboards, guitars, all programming, lead and harmony vocals, handclap, percussion, co-arranger

Recorded at Guus's studio, Fairplay, in Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Sound engineer Julius Douwes; production: Guus and Hans
Keyboards: Roland Juno 106, Roland D 50, Roland 2080 and Korg M-1
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul
Guitars: Yamaha and Martin acoustics
Drums: Sonor
Vocals: Guus and Hans sang each three times on left and three on right, making a choir of twelve.

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