About to Die [Trower, Reid]

The Doubtful Guests  [UK]

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Stephen 'Doc' Wallace voice (pictured)
Jane Clare backing voices
Roland Clare keyboards, programming + percussion, backing voices

RC: There was no particular plan behind this treatment of About to Die: I was at the 2001 Cropredy Festival when I found myself humming the song in this rhythm, and I used synths to sketch it out in mid-September to explore some new software audio, not MIDI on my PC.

I liked Jane's backing voices, but not my own attempt at singing the lead, so the song was shelved.

'Doc' Wallace heard the abandoned version over a year later, and promptly contributed the present, passionate vocal, at the end of the session arranged for recording In The Wee Small Hours of Sixpence ... some stamina!

It now makes me wish I'd recorded the backing with proper instruments ...

Recorded on a home PC using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. The sounds mostly come from a Yamaha TG33, triggered from a Kawai 125 piano and / or Yamaha YS20 keyboard, and the percussion (partly programmed and partly played on the pads) from a Yamaha DD11 drum machine.

Vocal mic: Rode NT1; vocal processing: Behringer suite comprising Virtualiser Pro, Autocom Pro 1400, DBX 119 compression. Mixer: Phonic MM1805X

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