Nothing That I Didn't Know [Brooker / Reid]

Franks / Hodgins [Canada]

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Wayne Franks, keyboards and voice; Gary Hodgins, guitar

WF: After contributing to Gary Brooker’s 60th birthday well-wisher list, I’d mentioned that I was a musician. Roland asked if I would be interested in submitting a song for the third Palers' Project 2CD.

After several weeks of consternation, I arrived at Nothing That I Didn’t Know. Not being a singer (and nor was Gary H) I thought that with a little electroacoustic ambience I would be able to narrate the lyrics as if lamenting the passing of a dear friend. As soon as I’d mentioned my concept, Gary was with it all the way, and in fact provided the technical computer wizardry and a few guitar tracks to accompany my Voce organ module to make it all come together.

The location of the photograph is my little home studio in the basement. In the background you may spy the Mackie, an ADAT, stereo monitor, cassette; central is a MXL990 condenser microphone; to the right a rack comprising a Voce, Kurzweil Micro-Piano, Yamaha TX-7, Kawai mixer. The Keyboards are Alesis Quadrasynth (top) and a Casio Previa 100 88-key weighted piano. Gary's guitar is the famed 'Hodg Captivator'. (Geoff Whitehorn would LOVE to get his hands on this baby!) It features four humbucking pickups (from the neck; Bill Lawrence L-100, Tom Anderson Red, Jackson J-90C, Carvin M-22). The many switches allow for split-coil, series/parallel operations. Gary assembled and finished the instrument himself, and has created many others.

Wayne used: Voce DMI 64 Mark II Organ Module
MXL 990 Condenser Microphone
Alesis ADAT 8-Channel Digital Recorder
Mackie SR24-4 24-Channel Mixer

The ambient effects were found inside the software, imported from CD, and also extracted from one of Wayne's electroacoustic works L'Orage (The Storm). The thunder et al were CD or pgm; the crickets at the trail-out were from L'Orage

Gary used:  Takamine EG-541 SC acoustic-electric guitar (Dean     Markley Light strings)
Custom-made Hodg Captivator electric guitar (D’Addario EXL     130 strings)
Lexicon LXP-1 Reverb for the above guitars
Aria Pro II Electric Bass (Labella Super-Steps strings)

Tracks transferred, recorded, and mixed on a Compaq Presario     1430 using Syntrillium Cool Pro 2 software 
Sound Forge and Audacity used in editing


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