Every Dog Will Have His Day [Brooker / Fisher / Reid]

The Basement Apes [UK]

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John Edgar, voice, guitar, harmonica, rhythm loop
Roland Clare, bass guitar, organ

John, right. It may look as though we are holding hands, but nothing could be further from the truth.
JE: Having seen myself depicted in a Dylan shirt and clutching a guitar (which I hadn't played on the album) on the From Shadow to Shadow pages, it seemed only natural to draw both those strands together in this Parvum Opus.  The guitar, harmonica and Vox Inhumana were recorded live on to a single track, with a second guitar and drumbeat added for good measure: the resultant mp3 was mailed straight to Bristol at which point Roland brought his unique talents to bear on the whole sordid affair. 

Fresh from watching Scorsese's documentary, brimming with clips of the mid-60s Dylan sound that so inspired Brooker and Reid, I could not resist crudely aping that thin wild mercury organ in the background to John's 'Glimpses of Johanna' the moment it arrived. It may be "... the dog that ends up lost" in the lyric, but on my favourite Blonde on Blonde tracks it's often the bass-player who's most at sea, so I took pleasure in adding a bassline in a single fumbling take, without checking what the changes really were and when they came. The whole caboodle was finished and put to bed that same evening in a further stab at hasty authenticity. The photograph has no authenticity at all, having been taken months later, when one of John's gigs brought him south from Wolverhampton for the evening.
Wolverhampton: Guitars: Norman B20
Harmonica: Lee Oskar (and harness)
Drums: GarageBand loop
Software: GarageBand
Microphone: MacMice MicFlex USB microphone
Recorded on an Apple iMac G5
Bristol: Bass guitar: Aria Pro IIe
Organ: Nord Electro 2 Rack (controlled from RD 600)
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
Adobe Audition
M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard
Domestic PC


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