Cerdes (Outside the Gates of) [Brooker / Reid] 

The Library Nuns [USA]

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Larry and Ted


Sister Mary Grace Kelly of the G Unit (aka Larry Pennisi): all other instrumentation, production


Sister Louise Fernandez (aka Ted McCallion): drums, arrangement consultant


Sam Cameron: Train Conductor, channeling, remote viewing and continuity Sam
LP: Cerdes has always been a favorite Procol track and so the time seemed right. The concept behind its execution is simple. It is a pastiche of psychedelia and jazz-fusion structures. The spoken section and the looped sound behind it in the early part of the track prior to the introduction of the orchestrated intro is graciously provided by Sam Cameron. The music, which follows, is all supported by the exact chord structure of Cerdes original music by Gary Brooker but is disguised by tempo changes and orchestration.

All instruments except the acoustic drums played by Ted (amazingly played to no music or even a click track I might add) are Soundfonts and VST instruments executed via FL Studio 5 recording software. No words are sung. The piece progresses through some instrumental solos and resolves using the same chords as the grand ending of Robertís Box only with each chord stretched out for a full measure instead of two chords per measure. While this was done using software recording devices, all instruments were played live to hard drive. There are no sequencing sections. All sounds emanated from human fingers.

The mellotron quote is from 2000 Light Years from Home by the Stones. The violin in the next-to-last section is the melody line from Repent played in Gm over those changes with a slight Maf organ line that takes it to the end though I can't seem to recall where I pinched that from. The idea of this was to have absolute fun and to create a netherworldly dreamscape for Cerdes. I work fast out of obsessive compulsiveness. I get so immersed that I won't stop. Sam's spoken part was an accident he had when just testing some effects he was using. The result was ingenious, exactly what I was looking for: 'We wish you every happiness' sends goose bumps up my spine.

Korg N5 Digital Synth
Evolution MK 261 Midi Slave Board
Mackie 1202 Pro Mixer
HP Presario 3.0 MHz Computer
FL-Studio 5 Producers' Edition
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
Drums: Ludwig kit; Tama Octobans
Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
Panasonic Digital Headphones


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