From Shadow to Shadow

Review Jill McMahon [USA]

Listening to From Shadow To Shadow, the 2004 Palers' Project double CD dedicated to our good friend Gothic Harris, I still find it completely amazing that so many Procol fans, whether included in this set of CDs or not, have such enormous musical talent. My technical music knowledge and ability left years ago (dragging my writing skills along with them) and I am now a basic listener, which leaves me free to enjoy everything.

The cover art of Gerry Guthrie is very interesting, as is his website, which features more of his work and is well worth taking your time with. Inside that, From Shadow To Shadow is 2 CDs of music we all know and love, some truer to the originals, but all showing the stamp of the individual performers. Fran Glendiningís Lime Street Blues is a very unique arrangement and one I would not have expected. Then we have The Bluegrass Geeks and So Far Behind. Dennis and Rodger, I canít wait to hear more of your versions of Procol Harum tunes. I actually like Dave Knightís Donít Ya Like My Love? better than the original (which I went back to listen to just to make sure). This track, from the Paramounts era, along with Matthew Fisher's Cold Harbour Lane, arranged and performed by Jeremy Gilien, as well as Roger Ilott and Penny Daviesís The Angler, were surprise highlights for me. Repent Walpurgis, from Andreas Havlik, is an old favorite I could just sit back and enjoy. If anyone isnít used to One-Eyeís voice yet, there are two great tracks done in Allenís unique style (Juicy John Pink and The Pursuit of Happiness).

The immensely talented Clare Family seems to appear everywhere, and that includes their very talented cats, Quibble and Quirk (my own cats are writing their review even now). And Gary Shepard with his many musical personalities backs up so many tracks I lost count, only to close out Disc Two with most amazing In Held 'Twas in I tracks accompanying Sam Cameron, John Edgar, Saaraís beautiful voice, and Stephen ĎDocí Wallace, finishing with a very grand Grand Finale. I could go on and on but Iím sure everyone would rather I didnít. Everyone involved worked very hard with excellent results. This set is a collection that they can all be really proud to be a part of.

From Shadow To Shadow is definitely a special deal. You get forty cuts of great music that you won't find anywhere else, contributed by our friends and fellow Procoholics, plus the opportunity to help BtP continue to provide us with complete ongoing Procol Harum information. I haven't seen other websites that are as extensive and as current as BtP, which Roland and Jens's enormous efforts have made into everything we all want it to be, to be enjoyed at the mere click of a mouse. Now they are making records too: and the best part of all this is that you are actually able to become an active part of this unique set-up: by making the 22 dollar contribution, you
get that good warm feeling inside plus a 40-cut CD set Ė there's no way to lose in the deal!

Jill McMahon, Los Angles, USA; 26 May 2004

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