Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackPilgrim's Progress [Fisher / Reid] 

Boyd Maits  [USA]

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Boyd Maits voices, all playing and programming

BM: I don't really recall why I decided to record Pilgrim's Progress: I probably was just noodling around on the piano when I stumbled upon the chord progression that sounded familiar. That's the way I end up playing most songs rarely is it more than a spontaneous decision.

The fact that the song is relatively easy to play and the key fits into my limited vocal range probably had something to do with my decision to record it. And, it was always my second favorite song on A Salty Dog after the title track.

Microphone: Marshall MXL1006
Piano: Story & Clark upright
Organ: Native Instruments B4
Guitars and rhythm track programmed in Band-in-a-Box

Drum Assist: Zoom RT-323 Drum Machine
Choir, Bell: EMU Soundfonts
Midi Controller: Casio MZ-2000 keyboard

Recorded in bedroom studio on PII computer in Cubase and Power Tracks
Remixed and remastered on Zoom MRS1066 digital recorder

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