Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackLong Gone Geek [Brooker / Fisher / Reid] 

Alan Garmonsway  [UK]

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[right to left]: Roy King lead and backing vocals
Alan Garmonsway guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion

AG: this was only the second recording made on my new Roland VS-2480 Digital Recorder.

I used sixteen tracks and multi-tracked instruments in the order shown below, with vocals being added last. Yes, the drums did go on as last instrument using finger pads (five tracks bass, snare, toms, cymbals, hi-hat) and all the instruments were recorded prior to that using the internal metronome.

Vocals are a mixture of dry and wet on two different tracks. It was then mixed down to two-track stereo after applying delay and microphone modelling effects patches from the VS-2480.

Groove Tube GT26 Microphone
Fender Telecaster
Roland Cube 30 Guitar Amplifier
Hohner Bass
Roland KR33 Electric Piano
Roland XV5050 Sound Generator

Roland D50 Synthesizer
Zoom Drum Machine Finger Pads. 

Recorded and mixed by Alan Garmonsway in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK; mastered by Henry Smithson at Sounds Good; D50 programming by Maart Allcock (a long time ago!)

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