Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackGone Too Far [Trower / Reid] 

Wymeswold Plinth  [UK]

Mick Mangan
acoustic guitar and vocals

David Tattersall
acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals

MM: Mick and David were born in different years, both of which, by an odd coincidence, end in a 3. They started performing together in 1995, long before David was legally allowed to drink in the East Midlands pubs and clubs where they played. The current track was produced and recorded in forty minutes flat by Hugh J Noble (of Hugh J and the Picnic fame), using some studio software he downloaded free from the Internet. Hugh J would like it to be known, incidentally, that his Church Street studios were 'not contrary to popular belief named in homage to Abbey Road'.

Recorded at Church Street Studios, Wymeswold, Leicestershire, in 2003; produced by Hugh J Noble

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