Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackDon't Ya Like My Love? [Brooker / Trower] 

Dave Knight  [UK]

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Dave Knight
voice, guitars and rhythm track

Roland Clare
piano / electric piano

DK: This track was chosen because it is one of my favourite Paramounts' tracks and is also a rare Brooker / Trower composition. I also feel that it's probably one of the better Paramounts' tracks available.

When deciding on an arrangement for a particular cover, various elements blend to provide the ultimate result. My first thought was, 'How would Robin and Gary treat this song today without restrictions? Maybe a bluesy bar style, or a driving rock beat?' I felt that from the outset it could only be performed with a relatively fast tempo.

In a guitar magazine interview a few years back, Jeff Beck stated that on the rare occasions that he visits night clubs (discos in my day) he would love to pick up a guitar and solo over the dance beat. This is the drive towards the backing used here (and also with She Wandered ... on Lost in the Looking-Glass): and it gave rise to the wah-wah guitar backing found on numerous fast-paced Trower tracks of the seventies.

Taking things a stage further, it was always intended to have a piano somewhere in the backing track. Roland suggested that a piano part similar to that featured in Procol's Whisky Train might be suitable, so Cakewalk files were passed between Bristol and Warrington and the final mix, including Roland's piano-parts and my vocal, were fine-tuned to give the version on the disc. Credit to Roland for production and keyboard skills.

The recording was done on my home PC using Cakewalk; the rhythm track was built using a Roland EG-101 keyboard, and the guitars (a Fender Stratocaster re-issue and an Epiphone Les Paul) were added via a Zoom GFX4 effects unit DId into the PC. The vocals were taken directly into the PC and conditioned within Cakewalk. Roland added his RD600 piano, also using Cakewalk and a domestic PC. 

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