Something Following Me [Brooker, Reid]

The Oakes Brothers  [UK]

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John and Harry Oakes vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, kazoos, percussion

Procol music may not seem to have much in common with The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band or Ian Dury and the Blockheads, but one town looms large in the history of each: Southend-on-Sea. Procol's first song, Something Following Me, was written there so, what if the original recording had not sounded so American, but more in the English tradition of the Bonzos or Dury or even like the street music of Hackney or the Mile End Road, where Brooker and Reid grew up?

The busking Oakes Brothers maybe answer that question.

photo: John Wooff photo: John Wooff

Recorded at The Pinch o' Salt on Forge Lane in the East End, with a couple of overdubs done at 'One-Four', not that far from the junction of Ford and Sexton Street, as it happens.

Kazoos: Gold Top (replica)
Harmonica: Hohner chromatic
Guitar: Lorenzo 12-string
Percussions / bass: no longer have any markings

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